The taste of tapwater can be bad enough, but freezing ice cubes can take on it's own funky taste in the freezer as well. See this hack I authored to make fresh ice cubes, and crushed ice » 6/26/13 6:04am 6/26/13 6:04am

Every month when I get paid, I max out my retirement contribution (12% pre-tax), and add $200 to my savings account. Then I pay out insurances (renters/health/ auto), leaving rent, utilities, and discretionary spending to be spent from a checking account. » 6/03/13 12:41pm 6/03/13 12:41pm

In the fashion of the late great Billy Mays' Hercules Hook, I bent an office butterfly clip, but making it with two hook inserts for added strengthen. The thick gauge wire of the large office butterfly clip is sturdy enough to hang the tool I used to bend it, and can even hold heavier items like the Windex bottle… » 5/16/13 8:20am 5/16/13 8:20am

I bought a Blue tooth speaker on Amazon that was the same width as a water bottle, then placed it in the front water bottle cage of my bike with a broccoli rubberband as an added security. Now I can hear my podcasts and music on long bike rides. Safer than earbuds, and better sounding than stuffing the speaker into a… » 5/08/13 1:33pm 5/08/13 1:33pm

I pay $330 out of pocket each month towards my wife and my high deductible plan- we are 33 and 34 years old. That $3,960 is used from my taxed income, opposed to the employees at my work who have their premium taken out pre-tax. What will change in 2014 for me and my wife as far as credit for money paid for our own… » 4/29/13 12:15pm 4/29/13 12:15pm